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Looking after yourself during lockdown

by | Mar 14, 2021 | Complementary Therapies, WellBN

by Jane Newman Massage therapist at BHWC

Another lockdown and more of our worlds moving back on line, amazingly we can also bring massage here too. It can often be hard to find the motivation or time for self-care, however with support and guidance it makes it loads easier to experience the therapeutic benefits of self-massage and to give yourself an effective treatment from the comfort of your own home.

“Self-care has become a new priority – the revelation that it’s perfectly permissible to listen to your body and do what it needs.” – Frances Ryan

This is a great alternative to hands on massage treatments, successfully enabling you to release painful or tense areas of your body. It’s possible to help anywhere the discomfort is felt, such as back, hips, neck and shoulders, great also for tension type headaches. Beneficial if you have chronic long-term pain or recently noticed areas of tension.

You don’t need to be in pain to benefit, if your anxiety levels are high and it’s de-stressing you need, I can offer a guided self-massage and relaxation. If your digestion has suffered, I can show you some soothing abdominal massage ideas and not forgetting your feet, giving yourself Reflexology feels fantastic and is deeply relaxing. Massages can be Thai style through clothing or using oils and lotion directly onto skin, your preference, both are equally effective.

Pain can be from a combination of external factors such as not having a well set up home office, sitting too long, an injury, having the kids climbing over you or the effects of stress during recent months. Managing the enforced change that this period of time has brought can have an effect on your body as emotional stress can cause an increase in physical pain.

Whatever the reason we can work together, setting goals can increase motivation, you’ll be supported with ideas that can fit realistically into your day allowing you to return to activities that have become difficult. Once hands on treatments are allowed and you’re able to receive a massage from me you’ll have useful tools to help between sessions or when it’s not possible to visit.

The first session includes a full consultation so I’m able to offer the best possible treatment for you. You will be shown an effective combination of self-massage, acupressure, stretches and relaxation techniques. Taking a short time for yourself can be calming for the nervous system leading to decreased sensitivity and evidence shows that a self-management program can improve and help the levels of future symptoms.

Top tips to maximise benefits include applying heat for 10 minutes before you start or having a warm bath or shower. Ease into the pressure, allowing your body to soften and melt under your hands, there really is no gain to be had by pain! Stretch slowly and only as far as is comfortable on your out breath, if you can hold for 30 seconds it will really give your body a chance to release.

“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.” –Jack Kornfield

First sessions are 45 mins and follow ups 30 mins and during this current lockdown will be by donation. See https://www.massage-brighton.com/index.php/treatments2/36-on-line-wellness for more info. They’re generally on Zoom unless you prefer another option, if you’re not keen on working on-line I can phone and give suggestions.

“Jane gave me a self-massage session and even though I am therapist and teacher of mind body stuff myself, I’m also a human and mum and need, like most of us, to practice what I preach! Jane checked in with what area’s I wanted to work on and what my problem areas were and then proceeded to guide me through a series of ways to massage myself. It was lovely to spend some time just to focus on looking after myself. Jane certainly knows her stuff, was clear and caring. I highly recommend.”  Amy

For a little taster here is a short neck and shoulder massage https://www.facebook.com/203207989716783/videos/661485254686308

More self-massage videos are available on https://www.massage-brighton.com/index.php/blog

A little about Jane

Jane has been part of the Complementary therapy team at BHWC since it’s opening, she is passionate about the healing benefits of massage and being able to offer it at an integrated healthcare centre. Whenever possible she has enjoyed a versatile working practice which included working at wellness and yoga retreats, corporate events and health days. Jane has also volunteered at a centre providing complimentary therapies and support for people living with cancer and giving massage as part of research project for children with Cystic fibrosis at the Royal Alexandra Children’s hospital in Brighton. Jane is a fully qualified and insured in all treatments she offers. Outside of working Jane loves yoga, trying to grow things at her allotment and attempting to cook healthy food, you may see her bombing around on her bike too!!

Contact details:

Phone: 07739155807

e-mail: jane@masage-brighton.com

Website: www.massage-brighton.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/brightonmassage

Instagram: www.instagram.com/massage.brighton/

On BHWC website: https://www.brightonhealthandwellbeingcentre.co.uk/jane_newman/complementary-therapies/therapists?go