Group & Corporate Packages

We offer fully-tailored, philanthropic packages for groups and teams to help address any issues that contribute to the success of people working together. We can inspire individuals within a team to contribute fully and with satisfaction, feel valued, calm and empowered. We teach skills for dealing with stress, promote group dynamics and manage specific health and wellbeing concerns that may hinder productivity.

We are not a corporate team-building business. We work in a fully bespoke way for your organisation to address specific team-health concerns.

We donate 15% of the cost to our charity, Robin Hood Health Foundation.

Package Examples

We are keen to work with the issues listed below.

* A 3-hour multifaceted event would typically be priced at £1500

What Happens?

After a chat to discuss your expectations, we'll arrange an assessment between 2 or 3 of our team and key people within yours, to understand the specific needs of your group, and to explore some of the options that may work well for your bespoke event. We will present you with an outline for your approval, which you stay in full control of, before finalising the details of the event, including costings, venue, duration and participation.


The assessment process is charged at £250, as a one-off fee. The bespoke event is then costed to suit your organisational needs and budget, with a deposit of 10% being required for booking.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

Helen Keller

A dose of Health and Wellbeing

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