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The Women's Health Clinic are nationwide clinics across the UK that are only staffed by nurses, ensuring women get a quick and timely appointment where they can discuss all of their concerns in a safe environment.

Our nurses are full of expertise, from experience in the NHS and the private sector to specialisms such as: urology, gynaecology, midwifery, sexual health, and the menopause.

From discreet sexual health and contraception appointments to menopause counselling and changes after baby, including incontinence and sexual dysfunction, our nurses really are adept at helping with all women's health matters.

Most importantly, there are no sales people in The Women's Health Clinic. Our nurses answer the phone and can provide a free 30-minute telephone triage. Our appointments start from a minimum of 30-minutes and our inclusive yet private Facebook community gives you the opportunity to 'Ask Us Anything'. https://www.facebook.com/groups/TWHCAccessAllAreas

NU-V Vaginal Rejuvenation

We get it, you're probably not looking for a 'designer vagina', but actually most of our patients weren't either.

They simply wanted to leave the house without needing to pack a pad, or have sex with their loved ones without wondering if they were enjoying it.

The thing is, our vaginas go through a lot. From sex to childbirth and then the menopause, it's easy for cells to become damaged or die altogether.

But our body is actually great at healing itself when it experiences injury. And that's what Nu-V does inside the vagina, while remaining painless to you.

Your body will then rejuvenate, leading to that collagen growth that we lack otherwise.

A pee-free, plumper and tighter vagina will make it easier to hold your wee for longer - no more bathroom dashes in the night! And our patients also report a heightened sensation during sex and a neater outward appearance.

The treatment we provide is unique in that it is carried out by nurses after a 30-minute consultation.

We explore the medical reasons why you might need such a treatment, as well as offering emotional support and advice, such as checking whether you are doing effective pelvic floor exercises or chatting about your sex life in the way your GP never could.

We want you to leave the treatment room feeling assured that whatever happens next, you fully understand why your body is the way it is and how we can help rejuvenate it.

The treatment itself takes up to 15-minutes and is similar to a smear. The CO2 laser is inserted inside a cage, and small micro injuries encourage the bodies own wound-healing cycle, rejuvenating the cells.

All women are different, but we think you should be able to notice a difference within the next 12-weeks, although sometimes immediate tightening does occur!

Your nurse will assess your needs and suggest a treatment plan. These vary from 1 to 3 treatments depending on results and your own medical history, such as childbirth or menopause. We also work with an in-house gynaecologist to refer where necessary.

We really have seen it all before!

Dealing with Menopause

Do you suffer from any of these symptoms?

Then you are a NORMAL peri-menopausal or menopausal woman who could choose between either HRT or Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).

BHRT is not available on the NHS but uses natural hormones extracted from yams and soya beans that are identical in structure to the hormones we produce. A bespoke prescription can be made to fit your hormone profile following a simple blood test and consultation with our specialists.

Menopause can be a very emotional and challenging time. But what information and advice are you given to deal with it? You may just feel like you need to get on with it, despite the changes. Or you arrange to see your busy GP but still feel that you need more help in discussing your symptoms.

Here at The Women's Health Clinic we can give you that. Whether you just want time to talk about menopause and have diet and lifestyle advice, or if you would prefer a prescription for conventional HRT or want to discuss bio-identical HRT, we are here to help.

Advice about hormone replacement therapy has been very confusing and often conflicting in recent years since the publication of the women's health initiative study (WHI) in 2002.

This reported that there was a significant increased risk of breast cancer, heart attack and stroke in women using HRT, leading to a lot of women making the decision to stop using it without any alternatives. Thankfully, 12-years later a re-analysis of the study showed its conclusions to be seriously flawed.

Women are once again benefiting from HRT with the knowledge that the benefits far outweigh the risks for most women.

Now you can book a 1-hour consultation with one of our specialist menopause nurses in our clinics across the UK to get the tailored advice you need. After your consultation and a blood test, our nurse will then offer you a tailor-made prescription in the pill, lozenge or patch of your choice.

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