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Our Therapists Videos

Jane Newman

Massage & Reflexology

Partner neck & shoulder massage

2020-05-03 14:14:13

So it's another Saturday night in! If you aren't alone in lockdown and want to do a short seated masssage swap then here goes. The massage voice is back in action with some plinky plonky music. This is great if either of you have tense upper back, neck and shoulders, it can also help for tension type headaches. Just to be on the safe side please don't do on someone that is pregnant, has an upper body / head injury, feeels faint or dizzy, has a serious health condition, they may have to wait until massage therapists are back in action. Not sure if it's ok, just contact me to check. Happy massaging. Thank you partner and chief editor Keith

Self Massage neck & shoulders

2020-04-03 09:46:49

My first attempt, I'm not a fan of being this side of the camera!! It's going to be a while until I'm able to massage any of you so speaking in my best massage therapist voice and putting my home treatment room to good use here is a brief neck and shoulder massage.

Jane Newman

Sharon Clifton

Counselling/ Psychotherapy

The 5 Senses Happiness Kit

2020-04-03 09:47:27

We have 5 senses look, listen, taste, touch and smell. Creating a kit of all the things that make you happy can be a wonderful way of regulating the nervous system and reducing anxiety and stress. When we feel happy a new neural pathway is created in the brain which will be anchored each time we use our kit. So take a moment to create a kit that works for you and have it to hand. I recommend spending a few minutes a day using your kit and anchoring the positive feelings it creates for well being and a happiness.

Sharon Clifton

A dose of Health and Wellbeing

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