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Request a Letter from Your GP

I need a letter from my GP

Our doctors are frequently asked to provide private or 'To Whom it May Concern' letters or reports for third parties. The standard fee for this is £25, which is payable in advance. More complicated letters or reports may attract a higher fee.

Why do I have to pay?

The preparation of these letters or reports is not covered by the NHS. The doctor must complete them during their own time and as such there is a fee payable. All letters require the doctor to take time to review a patient's medical records to ensure that the information provided is correct, then the doctor has to dictate the letter, and finally a medical secretary has to type this and send off.

How long will it take?

Private letters do not take priority over NHS work and hence may take some time to prepare. Please allow at least two weeks.

But I need it today/tomorrow/next week/sooner than that!

In genuinely urgent cases, we ask for a further payment of £5 and we will do our best to meet your deadline; however, we cannot promise this. If you cannot wait, we will refund your fee if the letter has not yet been written.

Examples of suitable requests

Example of requests we cannot fulfil

  • Fitness to travel, or cancellation of holidays
  • Confirmation of medication or a medical condition
  • Letters for school, universities,employers or courts, etc.
  • Letters to the Council/housing requirements
  • Confirmation of address or other proof of residence or ID (We have no means of verifying this
  • Countersigning passport applications (A GP is no longer required on the form)
  • Letters stating something that is not supported by your medical record

If you understand and agree to the above terms and still want the GP to do this, please email your request to FAO Secretary Team

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