Notice : The surgery is closed on Bank Holiday Monday 29th August

Bank Holiday Notice :

The surgery is closed on Bank Holiday Monday 29th August.

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I have been with this doctor surgery for 15 years, they've always been fantastic. Am so impressed with the Covid vaccination programme they have put in place, the communication from the surgery has been so informative and clear. Thanks Team

Sam Smith

11 Feb 2021
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I think all the staff at this surgery should be applauded as they've been amazing throughout this horrible pandemic. They've continued to see patients despite the risks and I am grateful. I think they'll be amazing making sure their patients get their vaccine!

Laura Pidgeon

27 Jan 2021
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My mum had a wonderful get-your-first-jab experience. She's had a torrid time following a stroke just before Christmas, and we - her children - have been constantly rewriting the Covid-impacted care plan week to week, with one of us always testing, isolating, and then helping her with her recovery at home. The vaccine's a massively important part of that recovery and getting part one has made a huge difference, to her personally and (in the future) to our ability to properly help. Thank you all so much!

Dave Waddell

1 Feb 2021

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