Artist and local resident raises over £500 for the Robin Hood Foundation

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Category: News | Posted on: 19 Jun 2019

We are delighted to have received a generous donation to support our art therapy work from local artist Sarah Bagg. Art therapy is one of the activities we deliver for patients at the practice as part of the Hera Project.

Sarah says: ‘This was the first year that I have opened my home for the Artists’ Open Houses. I’ve always loved art, and spent many hours as a child painting, drawing and making things on my mum’s kitchen table. My passion continued throughout my teens and after completing an Art and Design Foundation course at college, I went on to study Textile Design and Surface Decoration at university. Sadly, after 3 years at university, my confidence in my own ability took a knock and since then I’ve only painted for friends and family, and more recently a few projects for myself.

I’m so happy to have been part of this amazing event, sharing my home with wonderful, talented artists. I’m hoping that being involved in the Artists’ Open Houses will help to re-ignite my creativity and confidence in my work, and you never know, next year I may have something for sale myself!

I decided to raise money for Art Therapy at BHWC (funded via the Robin Hood Foundation), by collecting at my open house as well as donating from commissions, is because I’m passionate about seeking alternatives to medication alone, to help those suffering from mental health conditions. I’ve supported those close to me with depression and anxiety, and have witnessed how medication alone isn’t the answer to the mental health issues that people face. I feel passionately that people benefit from wide-ranging support services. I hope this donation helps in some way to support those in the local area.’

Read more about Sarah Bagg at
Thank you Sarah!

If you would like to donate, please click here
All donations go directly to the Robin Hood Health Foundation’s work, and we rely on on grants and gifts – the Hera programme is not funded by the NHS.

If you would like to enquire about a referral to Hera, please email or leave a message on 01273 712175

What is art therapy? Art therapy offers children, young people and adults a chance to use art materials to explore the world around them, and to start expressing and making sense of thoughts and feelings that may be difficult to talk about. You don’t need to be good at art to benefit from art therapy.

"Using materials like clay, ink, paint, charcoal and recycled objects to create something or just to doodle and play can help a person get in touch with how they are feeling. Sometimes it's easier to make something that connects with how you’re feeling inside rather than find the words to talk about it. The image or object can open up a space to start to understand." Saskia (Art Therapist at BHWC).

For more info about the Hera programmes go to:

Sarah Bagg, artist

Saskia Neary, art therapist



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