Did you know you can order your prescriptions using the NHS App?

What is the NHS App?

The NHS App is owned and run by the NHS. It can be accessed by anyone aged 13 and over registered with an NHS GP surgery in England or Isle of Man. Once you have verified your identity in the app, you will have
easy, 24/7 access to a growing range of health services and information. It doesn’t replace existing services. You can still contact your GP surgery in the usual ways.

What prescription information can you see in the NHS App?

You can now use the NHS App to:

  • easily see the details of medicines/ items healthcare professionals have confirmed for you
  • use a prescription barcode to collect your medicine if you don’t have a nominated pharmacy, without needing to collect a paper prescription


How does it work?

If you have access to your health information via the NHS App, you can use now use the NHS App to view and collect any medicines prescribed electronically, including repeat and one-off prescriptions. The prescription will show the exact items prescribed, the prescription type (repeat or one-off) and who the prescribing professional is. If you don’t have a nominated pharmacy, you can view a prescription barcode in the NHS App and present this to a pharmacist to collect your medicine without having to collect a paper prescription.

You may not see a confirmed digital prescription if:
• it is prescribed but unavailable to you until a future date
• it is cancelled
• it was issued more than 6 months ago
• it was prescribed at a hospital or other secondary care centre
• your pharmacy manages their repeat medication supply on a regular basis

Do you have to use the NHS App to collect digital prescriptions?

No, it is completely your choice whether you want to open the prescription function in the NHS App or not. It will not affect your normal health management.


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