How to get an HIV test in Brighton & Hove

National HIV Testing Week
Testing site / method Details Price Website
Sexual Health & Contraception (SHAC East, Central & West) An experienced team providing a confidential and non-judgemental service. Appointments available via website or phone 01273 523388; specialist clinics for men who have sex with men (Clinic M), trans (Clinic T), young people (YPC) & women (Clinic W)

Or order self-taken sampling kits to do at home.

1. to make an appointment

2. To order a self-sampling kit
On-line self-sampling kit sent to you on request through the post A 'sampling-kit' is where you take a sample using the kit (usually blood), send it off to a laboratory, and you receive the result about 1 week later Free for people who may be at greater risk
Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) Offering rapid HIV tests throughout the week - a finger prick test with results several minutes later (61 Ship Street, Brighton, BN1 1AE, 01273 764200)

On-line self-testing kits available for high risk groups OR on-line 'self-testing' kits available for high risk groups

Brighton & Hove Recovery Service (drug and alcohol services) Support available to anyone concerned about their drug or alcohol use, or for the families & carers supporting those struggling with substance misuse Free for clients of the service
Brighton Sauna Sex on premises venue for men who have sex with men. Self-testing kits available from machine in the reception area; THT testing sessions using rapid HIV tests on Weds evening Free
General Practice Most GPs will be happy to discuss this and do the test for you. Having a negative HIV test result on your records does not impact on insurance, health or life assurance policies Free
Venues across Brighton & Hove Vending machines in Prowler Kemptown, Jubilee Library (coming soon), and 191 Portland Road (coming soon) dispensing 'self-testing' kits Free
On-line self-testing kit sent to you through the post A 'self-testing' kit gives a result in 15 minutes, without anyone else being involved. The test will tell you if you are HIV negative, or if the test is 'reactive'. 'Reactive' test results must be confirmed in a health care setting, but are likely to indicate the presence of HIV £29.95
Superdrug (on-line or in store) HIV 'self-testing' kits are available from this retailer £33.95

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