Anna Betzback

Member of the professional governing body for qualified Medical Herbalists in the UK – the CPP (College of Phytotherapy Practitioners).

I practise Endobiogenic medicine pioneered by Dr Lapraz, in conjunction with herbal medicine, dietary and life-style and wellness coaching as well as PEMF.

In the UK medical herbalists have the right to primary diagnosis as well as to prescribe and make plant-based medicines.
In 1991 I graduated from the School of Phytotherapy in Tunbridge Wells and practised as a Medical Herbalist in the UK and abroad ever since. I also completed a course of studies in Ayurvedic medicine with Dr.Ashwin Barot.

I travelled and lived in different cultures where I researched local knowledge and worked as a community herbalist. I published a series of articles about the use of local herbs and foods in Northern Cyprus.

Addressing the inter-connected causes of chronic inflammatory diseases, developing effective natural treatments and helping people to make necessary changes in their lives has been my calling for several decades. Having worked in mental health services for older people in the NHS for many years and encountered so much unnecessary suffering, I decided I could not stand by and accept the status quo by simply focusing on symptoms and attempting to treat them in isolation from the context in which they developed in the first place. There is so much we can do to optimise our health using natural methods if we know where to find the knowledge and learn how to apply it. I am here to help you with treatments as well as psycho/emotional and spiritual support to reach your potential.
I have trained in systemic family therapy and narrative approaches with Dr.Glenda Fredman

From 1999-2004 I worked as a community herbalist in Northern Cyprus and published a series of articles about the use of local herbs and foods.

Since 2004 I have been working in London and started a CIC called the School of Commoning and the HealthCommonsHub which is supported by my work as a herbalist and organiser for the Commons. I started HealthCommons Circles in GP practices where I facilitate regular manualised sessions for patients suffering from preventable diseases such as diabetes and other insulin metabolism related disorders like ME, PCOS, Metabolic syndrome, Energy crashes ....
In the NHS I work as a lead practitioner in dementia. I pioneered a 'brainfood project' to optimise brain health and to prevent or slow down cognitive decline.

I have lead workshops with Living Medicine which aims to re-skill us all in using food and herbs for our everyday healthcare, sharing knowledge across cultures.
I also trained in systemic family therapy, narrative approaches and constellation work. Systems thinking and applying it in treatment and life practice is what continues to inspire me and informs the way I work.

I sense the future of medicine and healing not as a linear continuum of the past or simply the adding up of all existing empirical and modern scientific knowledge but as something much more sustainable, enlivening, engaging, participatory and co-creative where experts help us to become smarter and wiser rather than telling us what to do.

I respect science and nature in everything I do and offer a personal service and quality assurance. I am interested in cutting edge work and liaise with medical and other healthcare professionals to help advance integrated and integral healthcare.


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