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Selfcare Videos

If you have any queries please contact sxicb-bh.transhealthhub@nhs.net.

Sustanon Self Injecting Instruction Video

This is a self-help video to instruct patients who have Sustanon Injections how to do this at home. Supplies of the sharps bin, needles and syringes are available from Gunns Pharmacy. This can be arranged via the Practice pharmacy team/Practice Nurses or directly from the pharmacy. In the unlikely event that you should experience any issues with the site post injection, such as redness, irritation or pain, please contact WellBN or out of hours GP services asap for advice.

Nebido and Deca-peptyl Self Injecting Instruction Video

This video demonstrates how to self inject Nebido and Decapeptyl intramuscularly. You will have received an injecting pack which should contain a 5ml syringe, a green needle, a sharps bin and the injection vial.