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What is Social Prescribing?

Robin Hood Health Foundation, HERA Arts Project and Social Prescribing

The Robin Hood Health Foundation (RHHF) is an innovative charity founded by WellBN’s very own Dr Laura Marshall-Andrews. Established to relieve sickness and promote health for patients by improving access to non-NHS treatment choices, RHHF is home to both our Healing Expressive and Recovery Arts Partnership Project (HERA) and the Social Prescribing team.


HERA provides access to high-quality arts activities, specifically designed to improve the functional health and wellbeing of participants whether they are experiencing physical or mental illness, or a combination of both. Our HERA artists offer singing, dancing, photography walks, art for relaxation and creative writing.

Powered by lead partner, RHHF, the HERA Partnership includes Creative Future, The Old Market and Diversity and Ability.

Social Prescribing

Social Prescribing takes a whole-person approach to health and wellbeing. It considers the wider factors that might be impacting a person’s wellbeing such as; secure housing, financial worries, social isolation, lifestyle factors, and access to creativity and culture. A Social Prescribing Link Worker takes the time to learn and listen what is important to you.

“What matters to you?”

Our Link Workers can support you to:

  • Identify goals
  • Create an action plan
  • Connect with community resources
  • Take control of your health

The Social Prescribing team supports patients from WellBN, Charter Medical Centre and Trinity Medical Centre, collectively known as The Goldstone Primary Care Network.


So, who makes up the Social Prescribing team and why do they believe in this work?

Emma Drew (She/Her)

Emma Drew (She/Her)

Director and Hera Partnership Programme Manager

“This work is a joy. There is a powerful connection between wellbeing and having a thriving creative and cultural life – we help to make that possible for people.”

Lizzy West (She/Her)

Lizzy West (She/Her)

Social Prescribing Team Leader and Lead Officer, Migrant Support

“It is meaningful work and involves working directly with people to understand their needs. There have been a lot of challenges for so many over the last few years, more so than ever before. I have always been interested and driven to find ways to support and develop communities and individuals. Together we are stronger and every person has something unique they can express and share with others. It is not easy to always feel this if you are struggling, but hopefully with the right setting, support or some creativity it becomes more possible to do so.”

Dan Blomfield (He/Him)

Dan Blomfield (He/Him)

Link Worker, HERA Photography Walks and Green Social Prescribing Lead

“Connection, creativity and sharing have always been important parts of my life, and Social Prescribing has all 3. Connecting people to local services, communities and activities. Creating a safe space for people to grow and express themselves on their own terms. And sharing these experiences amongst peers, reinforcing a new belief in themselves and inspiring others in hard times. It can be magic and rewarding at times!”

Madeline Budd (She/Her)

Madeline Budd (She/Her)

Link Worker and Young Person Lead

” enjoy listening to people’s stories and seeing what support I can offer them. It is always lovely to watch as people form connections and find little pockets of joy in their life.”

Tess Anderson (She/Her)

Tess Anderson (She/Her)

Link Worker and Digital Inclusion Lead

“Access to community, connection and creativity are integral to our health and wellbeing. These networks support us to not only survive, but thrive. Having the time to sit, listen and learn what is important to a person and work together to make those positive community links is a great privilege. Our monthly coffee mornings full of chatter, creativity and laughter are just one example of the joy to be found in social prescribing.”

How can you access Social Prescribing or our HERA creative groups?