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by | Oct 26, 2023 | WellBN

Key points

  • The Cancard scheme in the UK alerts police to the fact that you take cannabis for a condition that qualifies you for a private prescription.
  • You can apply for the Cancard scheme on their website.
  • You will need to provide your ID and your Summary Care Record to receive a medical cannabis card.
  • A Cancard is NOT a free pass for buying and using cannabis bought on the Illicit Market.

If you are being prescribed medical cannabis you might be eligible for a medical cannabis card.

Cancard™ is an ID card – designed with the help of doctors, backed by senior representatives of the Police Federation and made for patients. Despite cannabis medicines becoming legal in 2018, patients unable to afford a costly prescription are stuck in limbo. Cancard aims to bridge the gap between patients, doctors and the police. The card allows for the police to exercise discretion by understanding that the patient caught in possession is medicating for their condition.

Further information can be found here

Get your cancard here: https://cancard.co.uk/

The NEW Pharmacy First Service

The NEW Pharmacy First Service

Under the new NHS Pharmacy First scheme, you can visit a pharmacist to receive advice and treatment for some simple illnesses, instead of going to see your doctor