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TNBI care coordinator at WellBN

by | Feb 1, 2023 | TNBI, Trans Health Hub, WellBN

Hello, my name is Lili and I’m the TNBI care coordinator here, at WellBN.

My role was established to ease the health inequality experienced by the trans, non-binary and intersex community in Sussex by providing a stable first point of contact, a one-stop-shop for all your health care needs.

If you are looking to access a bridging prescription for HRT under the NHS, I can help you get the ball rolling with a GIC referral (if you haven’t been referred yet), talking you through our informed consent form and organising all the necessary appointments for you.

I also run a trans advice clinic to provide information about the health care that is available to you, including but not limited to gender affirming care. Appointments are 30-minutes long and are designed to give you a safe, casual space to raise questions and concerns. We can also explore what other ways WellBN could support your wellbeing, including prescriptions, referrals, admin etc.

I want TNBI community members to be able to address the full spectrum of their physical and mental wellbeing needs and to feel empowered and listened to in clinical settings. This means building ongoing relationships and providing everyone with a personable and friendly service that is accurate, prompt and tailored.

So, whether you need a referral for fertility preservation, help with changing your name by deed poll, a letter to update your passport or a comprehensive review of your HRT regime, you can contact me.