To order a prescription:

We strongly encourage you to order your prescriptions using our online systems as this frees up our telephone lines, it also involves less risk of errors as we have an audit trail of your request.

If you do not have your systemoneonline login details we can send these to you by email or by sms. Please fill out this form.

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WellBN Prescription Team

Our team comprises of 4 pharmacists and 4 prescription technicians. We try our best to provide our patients with an efficient, safe and accurate prescribing service. Please help us to help you.

Asthma, HRT, Contraception and COPD need annual reviews and diabetic medications need more frequent reviews. Please ensure you have these medications reviewed when asked. We have made reviews more accessible by using SystmOnline.

Many medications require blood tests. If you are due a blood test you can book this using online services.

Medications to lower your blood pressure need a BP check every 6 months. We recommend you purchase a blood pressure machine to keep a check. Please fill out our online BP submission (link to online BP calculator) to work out your average.

WellBN Prescription Team

Shilpa Patel - Lead Pharmacist

BPharm, IP

Julia Halpin - Pharmacist


Poonam Depala - Pharmacist


Sabrina Fish - Pharmacist


Sanj Jandu - Pharmacist

MPharm, IP

Andrea Schollar - Prescription Team

Prescription Team / Receptionist

Ieda Garekyaragh - Prescription Team

Prescription Team / Administrator

Rita Simpson - Prescription Team

Prescription Team / Receptionist

Susan Sherrin - Prescription Team

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