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Robin Hood Health shortlisted for award

by | Jun 10, 2024 | Calendar, Complementary Therapies, Media

The Robin Hood Health Foundation, a registered charity and home of the HERA arts and health project, has been shortlisted for a prestigious national award. A message from the National Academy for Social Prescribing said:

On behalf of The National Academy for Social Prescribing (NASP)Social Prescribing Network (SPN) and Chamberlain Dunn, I am pleased to inform you that after careful deliberation by our panel, your nomination has been shortlisted for the Award for the Best Arts & Culture Social Prescribing Project in the Social Prescribing Awards 2024!

HERA was established at a pioneering GP practice in Brighton over ten years ago, and ever since has been supporting people with a whole range of long-term health conditions to feel better and enjoy life more. Every year, many hundreds of patients across the city and beyond are able to take part in creative activities like art, music, writing, photography and dance – to build confidence, learn new skills and make friends.

There is much evidence now to show that being creative gives huge benefits to health and wellbeing, and can reduce unnecessary medication and visits to the doctor. And it’s fun!

We also know that at least 80% of a person’s health outcomes in life are determined by something other than medical care – whether housing, income, work, where you live, diet, whether you have social support or other things. Therefore medicine on its own is not enough.

The NHS Long Term Plan prioritises Social Prescribing, which enables patients to get help from projects like HERA out in the community, as well as access to advice to help them be as well as they can be.

HERA Director Emma Drew said:

‘For a number of years we at Robin Hood Health have combined social prescribing with the HERA creative programme. We can design support for patients that suits their needs and wishes. When a GP refers to us they can be sure that we will give the time and care that a person requires to make improvements to their health wherever possible. The expertise in delivering activities of this kind usually lies outside of traditional NHS medical care, and the way we do it is very efficient for the public purse.

HERA is life-changing and an absolute joy. The HERA team make me very proud – they are so caring and committed. We know that population changes mean that if these programmes are not implemented across the UK, the NHS will be bankrupt – more older people with more complicated health conditions cannot be supported by medication alone. One in four GP appointments is for a social need. Loneliness damages health. Cognitive decline and low confidence can be addressed with creative activities. 

At HERA there is something for everyone, and no special talent or previous experience is needed to take part. Whatever someone’s situation, we will do what we can to help them get involved.’

Roger, a HERA participant with a long-term condition said:

‘I want everyone to know about this. You don’t expect it to work, but it does! I am a writer now’

Notes for Editors

The shortlist was announced on 5th June 2024, and the winner will receive their award at the national Social Prescribing conference 2024 at the University of Westminster on 19th June – see @Chamberlaindunn on X/Twitter for more information.

Conference: https://socialprescribingacademy.org.uk/resources/5th-international-social-prescribing-conference/

NHS Social Prescribing strategy: https://www.england.nhs.uk/personalisedcare/social-prescribing/

Overview of evidence for arts in health settings: https://iris.who.int/handle/10665/329834

More information – please contact Emma Drew emma@robinhoodhealth.org (not for publication)