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Our informed consent pathway for gender affirming HRT

by | Apr 12, 2024 | Trans Health Hub

If a patient expresses a need to discuss accessing HRT for gender affirming purposes, contact is made by a member of the triage team or the TNBI care coordinator to assess needs and the patient’s journey with gender so far. 

They are then given an informed consent form that sets out the risks, potential side effects and reversible and irreversible intended effects of hormone therapy – this includes the topic of fertility preservation

If they need additional support with the consent form, a further appointment can be arranged. If a referral to the local Gender Identity Clinic service is requested by the patient, this is arranged. They are then booked in for a baseline blood test that checks their pre-HRT hormone levels as well as a series of other base health indicators.

Once everything is in place, they are scheduled a 40-minute appointment with a clinician – this is a holistic health review covering physical, mental and sexual health. It also provides an opportunity to discuss questions or concerns related to the consent form with a clinician. If the patient then wishes to start hormones, a prescription for HRT is issued.

Patients on HRT are monitored regularly – every 3 months in the first year – including a blood test and a review with a clinician who can adjust the hormone regime, if needed. They also have ongoing access to care coordination and the support of the TNBI team via the Trans Health Hub.