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WellBN pharmacist writes about children with disabilities

by | Apr 1, 2024 | Media, WellBN

WellBN pharmacist, Sanjeev Jandu, has a 7 year old son who has cerebralpalsy and uses a wheelchair as well as other mobility aids. She noticed that there is not enough representation for children with hashtag#disabilities in children’s books. So she wrote one. We admire how she’s taken the first step towards a more inclusive world where children with all sorts of disabilities are not given the feeling of being left out when reading storybooks.

Disabled children, too, can live normal lives and take part in every day tasks and activities. In Sanjeev Jandu’s book, readers will learn about the power of friendship, determination and the importance of embracing life’s challenges.

The book is available to read in all the WellBn waiting rooms

Published in SussexWorld on 26th March 2024

The NEW Pharmacy First Service

The NEW Pharmacy First Service

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